photoCoulson Racing doesn’t just expect to put a Sticker on the Indycar and that’s it. There is so much more to it than that; its our duty and commitment to our Sponsors to provide a Vehicle that will make the Sponsor’s Company grow and get their product known world wide via our Race Team; and there are many examples to show potential Sponsors what we can provide, showing that Sponsoring a Indycar Team will make your company grow. We can offer product placement in movies, billboard and print, Program Inserts at the Track. We also offer incentives to your clients, like Car giveaways and track activities like 2 seat Indycar rides, pit tours,  banners flown over the track with your companies logo and web address; entertainment via a suite at the track for employees; and  Clients can  Interact with our driver, and of course we expect to have success on the Track as well, Its a fact that fans will buy the products that Sponsor a Indy Car Team. Its the teams duty to promote and generate more revenue for the Sponsor and WE will do just that!   (note example of aerial banner flown behind plane over the Indy 500′s  400,000  fans to view sponsors website/message) Also arrange for airship (blimp) see example  other Teams simply are unwilling to use budget to enhance their sponsors like Coulson Racing is will to do!

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