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We plan on entering the final four races
7-31 Mid Ohio road course
8-21 Pocono tri oval PA
9-14 Watkins Glen NY road Course
9-18 Sonoma CA road Course

We will have plans announced shortly after July 4th

This will get us established for the 101st Indy 500 Next Year!

our airships nearly 300ft long are the largest available for lease in the world
We are the only company that offers airships
By far this is the most effective way for companies to advertise period
Nothing else is even close
Contact us with questions
Nothing better then getting a blimp ride few people ever get that chance
Pictured are a few of our clients
Interior with bathroom and bar
Picture above Yankee Stadium
Not only above cities but when traveling across the country everyone stops in their collective tracks to look at the blimp they are amazing period imageimageimageimageimageimageimageimageimage

We continue to work everyday to field a Team this year

I am a huge backer of Donald Trump and am Proposing a Car / Blimp deal

We also support Wounded Warriors and Make A Wish

Will update as soon as we have news

My friends are sick of me trying each year as it seems like a endless journey but its not. our goal is still in site thanks!image


Also follow us on twitter  @coreycoulson1

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rendering1-01I now Co-Own our Indycar Team with Julian Benscher who owns the largest Airships in the world!  He also shares my dream to field a Competitive Team at Indianapolis and some day Win It!


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